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Keratin Intense ampules

Package of 4 ampules of pure keratin, professional, intense and restorative treatment for straightened or heat–treated hair

The weekly treatment with the professional keratin ampule restores hair by giving it a concentration of active component in direct contact with the flaws formed as a result of the straightened or heat-treated hair. 

The keratin rebuilds the hair fiber, straightens it all along and assists to preserve the straightening results for longer. 

The high concentration of keratin gives quick and visible results within 3 minutes of treatment – for stronger, glowing hair and perfect softness. 

After the weekly treatment - the results of the straightening are preserved, the hair is radiant with vitality, flexibility and softness.

After one month of treatment – your hair is smoother, stronger and resistant to breakage, it radiates with glow, soft and pleasant to touch. 

Instructions for use: 

  • Wash the hair using the Keratin Intense Shampoo, and absorb the remains of water

  • Open the top of the ampule and spread the liquid on the entire scalp and along the hair

  • Massage for full and uniform spread

  • Wait 2-3 minutes and wash with water. There is no need to use hair conditioner or hair mask after the use. 

We recommend using a single bottle of the ampoule once a week