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Ampoule Intense

Ampoule Intense - A line of professional haircare products enriched with restorative oil ampoules.
For the targeted treatment of exceptionally damaged hair. Three times more effective in building and restoring the hair.

The Ampule Intense products provide powerful hair treatment by means of micro-ampoules, which retain the freshness and quality of the active ingredients, until coming in contact with the hair. When applying the products, the ampoules open and release these ingredients in a direct and targeted manner.

Three times more effective in hair rehabilitation by means of:

  • Oil ampoules - a combination of high quality, richly textured oils that nourish the hair and contribute to its immediate rehabilitation and rebuilding - Hippophae, Borage and Tea Tree oils.
  • Ceramides -  rebuild the hair shaft, while making the hair stronger, unbroken and more complete.
  • Paraben and SLS-free - a gentle formula that is safe for damaged and brittle hair.